VMRF Board Subcommittees


Finance Committee
The Finance Committee oversees VMRF's systems for compiling and reviewing financial information and safeguarding VMRF's assets. All members of the Finance committee also serve on the VMRF Board of directors.

Audit Committee
The Audit Committee provides oversight, under the supervision of the VMRF Board of Directors, to VMRF’s annual auditing processes.

Advisory Research Committee
The Advisory Research Committee is an investigator driven independent review board advising the VMRF Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors. It reviews and recommends approval for VMRF infrastructure support, advises on policy issues, and operates as one of the key communication links between VMRF leadership and the VASDHS and UCSD based investigator community.

Policy Development Committee
The Policy Development Committee advises the VMRF Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors in policy matters. Before a policy is submitted to the VMRF Board of Directors for review and request of approval, drafts are typically reviewed by the Policy Development Committee. 

Compensation Committee
The Compensation Committee is an independent committee to oversee compensation of VMRF’s Officers who serve as employees of the organization. The Compensation Committee’s purpose is to implement IRS regulations on Intermediate Sanctions.  In addition, this committee reviews compensation related VMRF policies prior to Board of Directors approval. 

Ad-hoc Committees
In accordance with the VMRF Bylaws, the VMRF Board of Directors appoints ad-hoc committees to support VMRF's mission to effectively serve research at the VASDHS on an as needed basis.

Stabilization and Growth Committee
The Stabilization and Growth Committee is an independent planning Committee under the VMRF Board of Directors for the purpose of providing advice and suggestions to the Board of Directors and VMRF Executive Director/Chief Executive Officer for long term stabilization and growth of the Organization.